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MS Excel For Business Analysis, Marketing and Sales 
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MS Excel Training Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Ontario


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MS Excel Training Toronto Mississauga Ontario


MS Excel Training courses data analysis

Learn the Excel Functions that are
required to use Excel as a full fledged financial ma
nagement tool.
These Excel training courses, seminars and workshops are tailored for Analyst, Marketing
& Sales profes
sionals and focus on Excel as
an operation tool for managing various
financial activities.

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more information about Excel training courses, seminars & workshops.

Better Skills...  Improved Productivity

Customize your on site training in the Toronto, Mississauga and GTA area.
Listed below are some set topics in MS Excel 2013, 2010 &2007.
Please select the Microsoft Excel topics that will improve your productivity.
Use the advanced features of Microsoft Excel to enable better business decisions
Create "what-if" scenarios to develop budgets and plans
Summarize & consolidate Excel files with multiple worksheets
And analyze large amounts of data using PivotTables and PivotCharts
Allow automate Excel worksheet updates

Microsoft Excel 2013, Excel 2010, Excel 2007 -  Training Advanced Functions, Data Analysis & Reporting

Training Topic 1:
Review of some useful & quick functions for Excel reports

SUMIF to sum by a criteria - If the data has consistent labels then this function can sum the values based on a criteria
SUMIFS new to Excel 2010 - Sum by multiple criteria (can have up to 127 criteria)
SUBTOTAL function - Creates the formulas automatically (and adds outlines as a bonus)

Training Topic 2:
Using Named Ranges in formulas

Creating named ranges - How an Excel cell or group of calls can be given a human friendly name e.g. Sales_Jan10
Advantages in using named ranges - Time saver, reduce errors and make formulas easy to understand

Training Topic 3:
Using Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel

Common use of pivot tables - Show trends in data, manipulate and summarize large amounts of data
Limits and requirements for pivot tables
Creating pivot tables for data analysis
Grouping and summarizing data in pivot tables
Modifying pivot tables - Show the percentage of row, column versus the total
Creating an interactive pivot chart
New Slicer options in Excel 2010/2013

Training Topic 4:
Using the IF function

IF Function to enable Excel to make a decision - e.g. A company offers a 2% rebate on purchases if the sales are over $500,000. The IF must be expressed in mathematical language (cell B4>C4 or cell B4<500 usually a value is less than, or greater than or equal to. The IF function can also work with text e.g. if cell B4 equals yes then use option A
Nested IF functions - A series of IF statements can be asked and a corresponding range of answers returned

Training Topic 5:

The VLOOKUP function - Looks for and returns a value. The VLOOKUP enables the data to be updated in a workbook or across multiple workbooks (this would link the workbooks and will save much time sending updates to the various users)
The HLOOKUP Function - Same as the VLOOKUP, but looks up a table horizontally

Training Topic 6:
The IS Functions and Auditing

Data checking with IS functions - Check if a cell value is blank, text, number or an error etc. Often used with the IF function (see above) so that if the cell is an error the IF function will return a specified text

Training Topic 7:
Working with multiple worksheets

Issues working with multiple Workbooks
Linking Cells in Different Workbooks
Saving Workspaces

Training Topic 8:
Consolidating data

3 Ways to consolidate data
Linking cells
3D formula – Formula that sum all the cells in a specific reference on the worksheets

Training Topic 9:
Using the Goal Seek and Solver Utilities in MS Excel

Goal Seek - Input a goal and Excel moves through many iterations to give a solution e.g. with a loan payment function input a payment goal and get the function to change the term
Solver - Goal Seek on steroids, can have many inputs and place constraints on the changing cells

Training Topic 10:
Using the Scenario Manager

Scenario Manager - Allows creation of many “what ifs”, e.g. purchasing a new machine, some machines cost more but require less people to run them so a savings of labour costs, while others are less expensive but the service costs may be more

Training Topic 11:
Introduction to macros

Recording a Macro in Excel - For repetitive work a macro can be recorded and used every time that work is performed
Viewing the VBA Code

Please contact us or call 905 271 1119 for more information.

Action eBiz offers On-site Microsoft Excel 2013, 2007,  training and courses in Ontario, Toronto, Mississauga. In MS Excel courses trainer covers MS Excel data analysis, Microsoft Excel Charts, MS Excel pivot tables, Microsoft Excel Graphs, MS Excel sorting and filtering, MS Excel database. Microsoft Excel training also includes MS Excel formulas, Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP Function for data automation, Microsoft Excel HLOOKUP Function for data automation, Microsoft Excel marketing and sales analysis and creating MS Excel formula. We offer MS Excel training in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, Ontario, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Canada We offer customized MS Excel training for Employees, Managers, Executives involved in Financial, Accounting, Marketing, Sales etc.. in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Ontario, Kitchener, Waterloo, Hamilton, Cambridge, Canada On-site Training Microsoft MS Excel Courses Trainer Toronto Mississauga Brampton Ontario
We also offer on site training in other Microsoft Office software: MS Project, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Access and MS FrontPage.



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